Erin J.  Boulder, CO

‘During our session, Donna was very present and grounded. She really helped me move some painful feelings and resolve them. She’s a great coach.’

Sherri G.  Upper Marlboro, MD

‘Donna is a strong coach but at the same time she is very loving and so fully present to her clients allowing them to feel safe and not rushed at all.’

Julie B.  Erie, CO

‘Donna’s straightforward compassionate approach makes her client feel heard and valued. Her insight and experience shine through in her work.’

Wayne M.  South Africa

‘Donna coaches with amazing insight and confidence. Her style makes you feel safe whilst exploring sensitive unfinished emotional business. I can highly recommend Donna’s services.’

Donna changed my life with this beautiful healing experience....it’s like nothing you’ve ever done before...Donna works with you to help you heal yourself and does it with compassion and empathy like no one else....I highly recommend!


December 23, 2018


Best place to do some deep healing and learn healthy habits! 

October 11, 2019


'I cannot stop thinking about our session...thank you so much...it helped me to get that all out...there was a lot of emotion' -- but the horses handled it with calm and quiet energy. Anonymous


"Working with Donna was a great experience. I was feeling stuck in my career path and needed guidance on next steps with my daughter who just turned 18. Through the process, I learned more about myself and gained clarity around the changes I needed to implement in my life. I thought, since there are coaches for sports and nutrition, why not apply the same principles to figuring out how to move forward on the best path possible in life - and it worked. I was very pleased with the thought and care Donna put into our sessions, the process, and how I felt when we concluded. I am grateful to be in better place in life!" Anonymous


'I attended 4 sessions where I had the honor of working with Donna's soulful horses. Donna was a kind and compassionate facilitator and the horses offered their own individual versions of guidance and support. Each horse offered its own unique personality, gifts and insights for my healing. Through simple intuition I could understand what it is they hoped to share and guide me in during the sessions. Listen with your heart and you will 'hear' them too. Above all else, their intention was love- and who among us couldn't use a bit more of that in our day and on our life's journey?' Kellie

“I met Donna by chance while dropping off my dog for grooming and really loved her friendly personality and welcoming atmosphere. When I noticed her horses and asked about them she mentioned that she works with individuals with her horses in a therapeutic style for any life troubles you need to work through. Finding this interesting I saw her and her horses weekly, and between the calming, meditative air of the horses and Donna’s abilities to help you look further inside yourself, she was able to help guide me on a new path and discover what my life was missing. She was able to provide me with the tools I needed to work with myself in reasoning through personal road blocks and figure a way around them. I have already taken the steps needed to move forward in my life, and my plans are coming together. Without her assistance I would have remained stagnant – too afraid and too blind to see what I needed to do to change or actually make those moves to do so. Not only was it a therapy session where you talk through your problems, it was unique in that the horses were encouraging. They carry with them a spark in their hearts. You see it in their eyes when they look at you, when they accept your touch, when you speak with them. They are very special, strong-willed animals that work with you as you grow stronger and discover who you are, and they reflect the changes you make in yourself. I highly recommend working with Donna and her four hooved guides if you have any hurdles in your life or even if you just need to talk through some things. Thank you, Donna!”

"I had no idea what I was getting into as I entered Donna's barn but I left feeling so clear and open to healing myself. As someone who struggles to take time to focus on ME, that is a big deal. The coactive therapy with Donna and the healing therapy with Bella, the horse she chose to work with me, was just amazing. Bella seemed to know exactly what I needed and gave it to me freely. It was like they both knew exactly what I was there for and wanted nothing but the best for me. I was so comfortable, which is hard for me, and that in itself is priceless. Thank you Donna and Bella for the healing you have started in me already!"


January 2017


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