Are you Ready for a Change?

Are experiencing a transition in your life? Like:

  • a job loss? I had that happen!

  • a divorce? I went through a very difficult divorce!

  • a health scare? My health concern had me stopped!

  • the loss of a loved one? I've experienced enormous loss!

  • the challenges of Covid? Who isn't?

Like the transitions in riding, sometimes life lifts you up and forward and sometimes you get held back like at a slower speed or a halt. 


These changes are part of human life. It is inevitable.


And, sometimes change comes from a happy moment and yet you feel like your struggling.


Regardless of your situation, you can 'pick up the reins and take back your life. You can turn these transitions into powerful transformations...whether it be your situations or your health.


KNOW that it is time for a positive change and you can do it!

As a Women's Health & Wellness Coach, I love to help you move:

  • from a place of feeling like 'manure'.

  • out of your negativity and fear.

  • you from feeling 'stuck in a stall'. 


And guide you to move into:

  • feeling free to make changes.

  • clarity.

  • finding a better way to work with and understand your equine partners.

  • feeling energized and clear on a new path of happiness!

If you’re ready to embrace change — to explore who you are and where you want to go...I am here to guide you.

Click here to schedule your free get clear on your transformation session:

'Your greatness takes root when you take action!'

— Donna Carlson

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